Serious Effects of High Blood Sugar on The Body

high blood sugar effects on body

The Unrecognized Effects of High Blood Sugar

Many people do not recognize the many serious effects of high blood sugar on the body besides the more commonly known but still serious diabetes type 2.

It is bad but not all of these high blood sugar effects on the body seem to be known to the general public. Doctors spend a lot of time talking about diabetes or prediabetes, but they seldom seem to mention some of the other effects of uncontrolled high blood sugar levels. These effects do not only cause health problems for seniors, they cause health problems for all age groups. As a matter of fact, the effects of uncontrolled high blood glucose are exactly the same when you are 5 years old or when you are 75 years old. Perhaps, we should focus on these effects as much as we focus on diabetes type 2.

What are the Effects of High Blood Sugar on Circulation and Diabetes

One of the most serious effects of high sugar in blood on the body is poor circulation. When we have too much glucose in blood stream, our bodies cannot deal with normal processing of foods as effectively as they should. The end result is an increased presence of more fats in the blood stream. Blood fats are known as lipids, and they can deposit themselves on the walls of our arteries. This can lead to Atherosclerosis which means hardening of the arteries.
high blood sugar effects
This process happens anyway as we age, but it can be accelerated by a diet high in sugar and fat. It is always best to try to keep your arteries free from fatty deposits, and flexible in order to increase blood circulation. If, you are concerned about your circulation, you should look out for red flag symptoms such as itchy skin and cold hands and feet. Believe it or not, both are signs of reduced micro circulation.

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High Blood Glucose Levels Symptoms on Immune Response and Diabetes

High blood glucose can cause infectious disease and lower your resistance to disease? Yes, this is another one of the effects of high blood sugar on the body you may notice. If you have noticed that you are suffering from frequent colds and infections, or you have an ongoing condition such arthritis, you may find your body is struggling to cope with a diet too high in sugar, resulting in high blood sugar. read more

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