How to Lower Blood Sugar without Medication in Three Simple Steps

Three Simple Steps to Lower Blood Sugar without Medication

How to lower blood sugar without medication is the Holy Grail of modern day medicine. The truth is simple – we are “exposed” to sugar no matter how much we try to avoid it. Sugar is added to most restaurant meals to make them taste better, to fast food and ready made meals are packed with different sugars. Avoiding sugars can be a full time occupation and unfortunately most food manufacturers do not make it clear on their labeling what sugars or glucose are included. Did you know that even Agave is a sugar as well?

If, you want to know how to lower blood sugar without medication, it is a good idea to take some time out to get to know your enemy. Sugar can give you a range of health problems and Diabetes type II is only one of them. Lowering blood sugar levels without having to resort to conventional medication can be done with a little thought and care.

Know How Much Sugar Is In Your Diet

The first thing you should do is to find out how much sugar is in your diet. You don’t actually need that much sugar in your diet for normal healthy consumption and 6 teaspoons per day is plenty. The frightening thing is that an everyday soft drink such as Coca Cola may contains up to 12 teaspoons of sugar and even a beer contains about the same amount! If you are serious about blood sugar control and how to control blood sugar levels, you should drink still water and your other beverages; as much as possible; without added sugar. This is one of the first steps to lower blood sugar without drugs.
lower blood sugar without medication
Learning how to cook without sugar is not that easy either. We are actually used to the taste of sugar and foods without sugar may taste strange to us. Believe it or not, but that Hawaiian Chicken you ordered in the restaurant had sugar added. Cooking with new and exciting spices is a good idea to boost flavors and spices like ginger can even help to lower blood sugar naturally.

Another food stock to stay away from is white bread and cereals. They are the worst culprits when it comes to hidden sugars. Salad dressings and vinaigrettes are also packed with sugars, using just an oil on your salad is a much better idea. Once, you have found out where all the sugar can be found in your daily life, you can start to eliminate it and makes it easier for lowering blood sugar naturally.

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Exercise and Managing Blood Sugar

One of the reason that we suffer from excess blood sugar, is because we don’t exercise enough. We may presume that we have to do lots of exercise for controlling blood sugar levels, but we don’t. Walking is fine and if you add about one hour of walking to your everyday lifestyle you will start to see the effects. Together with a good diet, you will soon find that these are easy steps that you can achieve on how to lower high blood sugar levels.

The cells in the body are able to use all of that energy and create more energy at the same time. Excess blood sugar will make you feel tired, but by allowing the cells to use it, you will notice that you have more energy. But, remember that you don’t need a lot of sugar. Cells do not only use sugar as fuel, they use other compounds such as proteins as well.

Supplements to Control Blood Sugar

Are there foods that lower blood sugar and do supplements that claim to manage blood glucose control really work? Well not all of them do, but some of them do. What you should be looking out for are supplements and foods which contain dietary fibers. You may presume that dietary fibers are only found in oats and wholemeal breads but that is not true. Long chained dietary fibers known as polysaccharides can be found in brown seaweeds such as Wakame. The family of Brown seaweeds contain a dietary fiber called Fucoidan which is known to help to control high blood sugar without medication and with only natural ingredients.

Fucoidan has received a lot of interest recently because of its many healing properties and it is now available as part of the Ocean’s Bounty supplement. Not only is this supplement rich in Fucoidan but it also contains selenium. The fact is that one active ingredient will not help you to control your blood sugar level alone and you should never use a supplement which only contains one ingredient. Synergy, working together with other components, is what makes supplements effective.

How to lower your blood sugar without medication is not that difficult. A lot of it is up to you, and you need to learn how to work with your body. Using a natural supplement like Ocean’s Bounty Blood Sugar can help us to control many of our health conditions, and controlling blood sugar, is one of the most important conditions we need to learn how to control.

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