Symptoms of Prediabetes and Best Treatment for Prediabetes

what are the symptoms of prediabetes

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Prediabetes

The symptoms of prediabetes are actually as it is an early onset or early warning condition sometimes not so noticeable as they may become developed over a period of time.

The signs of  prediabetes can include some of the Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes signs such as:

  • An increased thirst
  • Urinating more often than usual, particularly at night
  • Feeling very tired or fatigued
  • Frequent episodes of thrush
  • Blurred vision (caused by the lens of the eye becoming dry)

You may only discover it when you go for a health check one day, and your doctor gives you the shock of your life when out of the blue he tells you, you are suffering from prediabetes.

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All these questions will start rushing through your head “Well what are the symptoms of prediabetes and what exactly is prediabetes anyway?” As a matter of fact, scientists in labs never refer to prediabetes. This is a term coined by a doctor once upon a time, but the actual condition is called borderline diabetes. In many ways, the term prediabetes is confusing, and borderline diabetes, describes the condition more accurately.
what are the symptoms of prediabetes
The scientific definition of Prediabetes is people at risk of diabetes because they have impaired glucose metabolism, but who do not meet the criteria for diabetes. read more

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Is High Blood Glucose the Same as Diabetes Mellitus

is high blood glucose the same as diabetes

What is Diabetes Mellitus & What is High Blood Sugar Hyperglycemia

Is high blood glucose the same as diabetes mellitus (DM), commonly referred to as diabetes? You have every right to be confused as Doctors are still not very good at explaining what diabetes exactly is or isn’t. Having high blood glucose levels (Hyperglycaemia) may indicate that you are suffering from diabetes. However, is high blood glucose; or high blood sugar; the same as diabetes? No, it isn’t, but if you do suffer from diabetes, Hyperglycaemia can cause serious implications. You need to control your high glucose level at all times to live a healthy life, but did you know that there are actually two common forms of diabetes?

The Different Types of Diabetes – Diabetes Type 1

If, you suffer from diabetes type 1, you can rest assured that diet plays no part in the health condition at all. Yes, you must watch your sugar intake, but this is a disease and not a condition that we bring on ourselves. Diabetes type 1 is an auto-immune disease which means that pancreas cannot produce the hormone insulin. It is often seen first in younger people, but can also appear later on in life.
is high blood sugar diabetes
Scientists are still not 100 percent sure why some people develop diabetes type 1. There appears to be a weak genetic link, and children who have not been breastfeed, are much more likely to develop the disease. We have learned that there is a clear link to our immune health, and people with a healthy immune system are less likely to develop this type of diabetes.

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It may also be linked to, and even triggered by, a virus infection. German measles and mumps are both strongly linked to diabetes type 1, but we still are really novices when it comes to many viruses. It is entirely possible one or more viruses can indeed can diabetes type 1. If, you are suffering from a virus, or frequent viruses, it could be a good idea to add a quality probiotic to your healthy living routine. read more

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How to Lower Blood Sugar without Medication in Three Simple Steps

lower blood sugar without medication

Three Simple Steps to Lower Blood Sugar without Medication

How to lower blood sugar without medication is the Holy Grail of modern day medicine. The truth is simple – we are “exposed” to sugar no matter how much we try to avoid it. Sugar is added to most restaurant meals to make them taste better, to fast food and ready made meals are packed with different sugars. Avoiding sugars can be a full time occupation and unfortunately most food manufacturers do not make it clear on their labeling what sugars or glucose are included. Did you know that even Agave is a sugar as well?

If, you want to know how to lower blood sugar without medication, it is a good idea to take some time out to get to know your enemy. Sugar can give you a range of health problems and Diabetes type II is only one of them. Lowering blood sugar levels without having to resort to conventional medication can be done with a little thought and care.

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Know How Much Sugar Is In Your Diet

The first thing you should do is to find out how much sugar is in your diet. You don’t actually need that much sugar in your diet for normal healthy consumption and 6 teaspoons per day is plenty. The frightening thing is that an everyday soft drink such as Coca Cola may contains up to 12 teaspoons of sugar and even a beer contains about the same amount! If you are serious about blood sugar control and how to control blood sugar levels, you should drink still water and your other beverages; as much as possible; without added sugar. This is one of the first steps to lower blood sugar without drugs.
lower blood sugar without medication
Learning how to cook without sugar is not that easy either. We are actually used to the taste of sugar and foods without sugar may taste strange to us. Believe it or not, but that Hawaiian Chicken you ordered in the restaurant had sugar added. Cooking with new and exciting spices is a good idea to boost flavors and spices like ginger can even help to lower blood sugar naturally. read more

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Serious Effects of High Blood Sugar on The Body

high blood sugar effects on body

The Unrecognized Effects of High Blood Sugar

Many people do not recognize the many serious effects of high blood sugar on the body besides the more commonly known but still serious diabetes type 2.

It is bad but not all of these high blood sugar effects on the body seem to be known to the general public. Doctors spend a lot of time talking about diabetes or prediabetes, but they seldom seem to mention some of the other effects of uncontrolled high blood sugar levels. These effects do not only cause health problems for seniors, they cause health problems for all age groups. As a matter of fact, the effects of uncontrolled high blood glucose are exactly the same when you are 5 years old or when you are 75 years old. Perhaps, we should focus on these effects as much as we focus on diabetes type 2.

What are the Effects of High Blood Sugar on Circulation and Diabetes

One of the most serious effects of high sugar in blood on the body is poor circulation. When we have too much glucose in blood stream, our bodies cannot deal with normal processing of foods as effectively as they should. The end result is an increased presence of more fats in the blood stream. Blood fats are known as lipids, and they can deposit themselves on the walls of our arteries. This can lead to Atherosclerosis which means hardening of the arteries.
high blood sugar effects
This process happens anyway as we age, but it can be accelerated by a diet high in sugar and fat. It is always best to try to keep your arteries free from fatty deposits, and flexible in order to increase blood circulation. If, you are concerned about your circulation, you should look out for red flag symptoms such as itchy skin and cold hands and feet. Believe it or not, both are signs of reduced micro circulation.

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High Blood Glucose Levels Symptoms on Immune Response and Diabetes

High blood glucose can cause infectious disease and lower your resistance to disease? Yes, this is another one of the effects of high blood sugar on the body you may notice. If you have noticed that you are suffering from frequent colds and infections, or you have an ongoing condition such arthritis, you may find your body is struggling to cope with a diet too high in sugar, resulting in high blood sugar. read more

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